Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spotlight on Smocking Hot Businesses: Two Little Larks

Spotlight on Smocking Hot Businesses:
Two Little Larks

Our newest addition to our series "Spotlight on Smocking Hot Businesses" is Two Little Larks. Our goal with this series is to introduce you to businesses that we have had experience with that we think you wouldn't want to miss.

With its devotion to customer service, Two Little Larks seeks to make your online buying experience personal and special. This shop offers adorable clothing ranging from the beautifully simplistic and traditional to the fun and whimsical. Each item is chosen with care, in the same way they would shop for their own children's clothing. In their selections, they've made every effort to choose beautiful pieces not only for your little girls but also for your little boys. The result provided a little bit of something for everyone: Le Za Me, Sado, Mud Pie, Mom & Me, Three Sisters, Jack Thomas, Fore!!Axel and Hudson, Jelly the Pug, DMO Baby, and Funny Babies Sleepers. They've added bows, necklaces, and ties to accessorize your little ones as well.

To shop these great selections, they offer sales on both their wall and on their website, so be sure to keep an eye on both for some great clothing and accessories for your little one.

Curious how Two Little Larks gained their name? This quote inspired these ladies, and it would serve well as an inspiration to us all: "We serve a great God; let us greatly rejoice in Him. A song is the soul's fittest method of giving vent to its happiness, it were well if we were more like the singing lark, and less like the croaking raven. When our heart is glowing, the lips should not be silent. When God blesses us, we should bless him with all our heart." - Charles H. Spurgeon

Interested in knowing more about this new business, check out their blog:http://www.twolittlelarks.com/

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