Friday, July 27, 2012

Why isn't my item selling?

We get a lot of feedback from people stating that they are having a hard time selling and yet we also receive a lot of feedback from people stating that their items are selling.  What is the difference?  Well, besides the case of where the item for sale is in high demand here are the things we see that allow items to sell well.

1. Price Price Price -  Right now is a tough time of year.  All of the stores are marking down summer items and bringing in fall.  We are seeing the same things happen in the resale world.  People can seem to get a higher price for fall items but not so much for summer. Some people are still pricing their summer items high and they are not selling.  If you do not want to lose money on your items and are firm on your price, you will probably do better waiting until February/March to sell your summer things.  We are seeing lots of cute bubbles that would normally be snatched up immediately sit all week :(
If you need the funds and are willing to drop your price, people are looking for deals right now to stock up for next year.

2. Presentation- When an item is ironed, hung up, and photographed in good light, it just appears nicer! When an item has wrinkles, is laying on the ground and the photo is dark with shadows, it makes people question the quality and care of the item.  You could probably make a couple bucks more just by ironing it :)

3. Brand- some brands just hold their resale value better then others.  No matter what you personally paid for an item from the store, some just don't seem to sell as well as others.  Brands that do well include, LeZaMe, Anavini, Claire & Charlie, Amanda Remembered and Shrimp & Grits.  Brands that do not seem to hold their value are Carriage Boutiques, Feltman Bros, and some Facebook brands.

4. Age of item-  Items from current season can normally sell better.  Items from recent seasons can do well depending on the popularity of it and condition.  If the item is several years old though, it should be priced accordingly no matter the condition.  We do see items that are quite old at times sit on the wall and be reposted week after week since the asking price is still in the mid-upper 20s!  If an item is almost a decade old, it may be difficult to get much for it unless it is of heirloom quality.  It can sometimes be better to consign these items rather than sell on Facebook since shipping and paypal fees are not factored in.

5. Checking in on your item- we see a lot of sales lost since people are not getting all of their notifications :(  We suggest leaving a comment on your item so that people can tag you when asking a question.  Also, save a link to your item (just copy and paste the url address of your picture) and check it a couple times a day.  It saddens us to see sales lost because of face books quirks.

6. Time posted- while this cannot be helped in many cases (we are all busy mommies) it does seem that items sell better at certain times of day.  Normally after bedtime!  Also think about times when people normally get paid.  Fridays and beginning, middle and the end of the month may bring in more buyers since they have the funds :)  We have not particularly seen one day of the week that does better than others but this is just more food for thought.

We hope this has helped you and as always Smock On!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shopping and selling tips!

Tips for shopping and selling on Smocking Hot Mamas Smocked Resale

I have heard some feedback that some people are a little intimidated by the seemingly long list of "rules" on the page.  We honestly wish we didn't have to have so many rules but if they weren't there, SHM would not be able be able to run a smoothly as it has.

Our goal is to provide a fun place to shop and sell and to make our mamas feel safe knowing that we are taking all precautions against the possible scammers out there.  That is why we have the rules and also why we enforce them so strongly :)

Please also note that it takes a lot to be banned from our page!  We are all busy mamas and we know mistakes happen.  However, if we find people who are trying to intentionally break the rules we will then address that.  Most people who are banned are those who are non-payers/shippers, scammers, and people with several complaints against them about the quality of the clothes they are selling.  If you ever have a question or need clarification on the rules, please feel free to message us using the tab on our page!  We will be happy to help you out!

If you are new to SHM, it is very easy to shop and sell!  Many people like to browse the page for a day or so to get a feel for things and many people may try to purchase something first before moving into the selling world :)  The first thing you will need is a paypal account.  Almost all transactions take place through paypal.  Paypal does a great job of protecting both buyer and seller.  Once you have your account set up then you are ready to go!

If you see an item you would like to purchase, you need to type the word "sold" along with your paypal e-mail address.  If you are uncomfortable leaving your paypal address on the picture (which is public) then you could choose to send the seller a private message with your account info instead.  The seller will then invoice you, you will pay, and the item will ship to you!  It's that easy!

If you would like to venture into the world of selling, the first thing you need to do is to look at our rules/brand list on the page.  After determining that your items are approved brands, we recommend that you look them over in various lighting for possible stains/flaws.  Presentation is key when selling so iron the dress before taking a picture of it and display it so that it shows how cute it really is!

After taking pictures of your items, you can post the item directly onto our wall from a computer.  Be sure to add all needed details and include your price.  We recommend that you include shipping and paypal fees into your price.  Shipping us normally about $2-3 depending on the weight of the item and paypal does deduct a small fee for the transaction.  These fees are necessary for them to be able to provide the protection that they do.

After you have posted your items on your page, we recommend that you save a link to your item so that you can find it easily.  To do this, just click on your picture and copy the URL address.  That saves you from a lot of scrolling through pictures to find yours!  It would also be a good idea to make a comment on your item so that people are able to tag you.  You could even just copy and paste your description in a comment. We also recommend that you check your items frequently since people do not always receive notifications when someone posts on their picture.

Once your items has sold and been paid for we do ask that you go back and delete your picture.  It can be frustrating for buyers to find a picture of something they like only to find that it sold several days ago. This is why it is important to save a link.  It makes it so easy to delete!  In addition your hardworking administrators also delete week-old pictures nightly and it is frustrating for us to find that a majority of the items we are deleting are ones that have sold, been paid for, and even shipped!  There are four administrators on the page and we manage it because of our love of smocking and shopping!  However, we are not getting paid to do this and it takes hours upon hours every night to delete since we have to do each picture individually.  So help all of the mamas out and delete your sold pics! ;)

I hope this has helped those new to Smocking Hot Mamas!  Keep checking back as we continue to add more to this blog!

As always- Smock on Mamas!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Welcome to our blog!

Our goal is to help mamas keep their smock on at reasonable prices!  Therefore, we thought a blog would be a great way to reach out to even more mamas and bring us all together!

We currently have our resale page on facebook at:

Be sure to visit and "like" our page! Our page is a free avenue for mamas to buy and sell gently used smocked and boutique clothing.

Keep checking back for updates!  Smock on!